General FAQ

I love the costumes! Will those be the costumes you'll wear at the party?

Yes! Our characters will only show up in the costumes you see in the pictures on our website. However, some costumes are improved overtime so you may see variations of new costumes at your party. All costumes are of impeccable quality.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for the deposit. Balance is due in the form of cash only to your performer.

How far in advance should I book my party?

Parties book up quickly. We recommend booking your party at least 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure your specific time and date is available, but we will always try and accommodate last minute requests, as well.

What time can I hold the party?

Anytime, every day of the week. Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular, so try and book your party as soon as possible if you’re interested in those dates.

What happens if you're late to my party?

We are rarely ever late to a scheduled party. However, due to increased volume of traffic, inclement weather, and highway construction, your party is subject to a 30-minute leeway. In the event your character is late, she/he will stay for the allotted time booked.

What time should party guests arrive?

It is recommended that your guests arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time with the princess. This way, guests arrive on time and don’t miss out on the fun activities.

How much do I tip?

Gratuity is not included, however greatly appreciated. We recommend 10%-20% of the total party package amount.

What happens if it rains and I'm holding my party outside?

Please plan for alternatives when planning your party outside during the winter. We will not perform in the rain.

Princess Parties FAQ

Will the Princess contact me before the party?

A party coordinator will contact you a few days prior to reconfirm all of the details of your party.

Will the Princess provide her own music?

Yes, she will bring a small portable Bluetooth speaker to play her music.

How many songs will she sing?

We do not guarantee that our princesses sing. However, we do our best to accommodate singing princesses and all requested performers.

What kind of face painting does the Princess do?

We offer basic face painting like hearts, flowers, snowflakes, superhero signs, etc.

Can I request a specific performer?

We are more than happy to accept requests for a specific performer and will most likely be able to accommodate that request. However, due to schedules, illness, or any other extenuating circumstances, you may not receive the specific performer that was requested. Please rest assured that each and every one of our performers go through rigorous training and have extensive experience in the entertainment industry.

Superhero Parties FAQ

Does my Superhero Talk?

Yes, he will talk and imitate the character he is portraying.

Will the Superhero face paint while in costume?

Yes, most of our costumes are comfortable enough for him to be able to do it while in costume, but there are some Superheroes who cannot. Please inquire upon booking.

I have girls at my party. Will the character engage them as well?

Yes, he will make sure to involve the girls and boys in games and superhero training!

What type of activities will the Superhero do at my party?

He will do games that are suitable for the age group. He can do games like duck duck goose, superhero says, freeze tag, red light-green light, and even a boot camp, which includes jumping jacks, push ups and other activities that prepare them to be the best superheroes!

Will the superhero bring props and games to my party?

He will not be bringing any props or games. The games he plays are verbal.